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"recore" the radiator?  


Hoi Allemaal,

Ik doe het in het Engles maar jullie mag natuurlijk in het Nederlands antwoorden. The guys at Garage de Zeemeeuw said my radiator is probably "verstopt." It runs just over the mid-level temperature in cool weather. I am afraid that in hot weather, it will overheat. Any suggestions? Should I take it back and ask them to take out the radiator and dip it, clean it, and reinstall it? (I cannot do that since I have no work space or tools). Or, is there a place that does what is called in America a "recore", meaning they put new metal vents in it, but keep the original top?

Any recommendations? I hate to just take out the original, put it on a shelf, and install something new. It would be nice to keep the originality.


Geplaatst : 09-04-2013 7:52 pm
Ton van der Linden

Goode evening,

het probleem is eerder een probleem met de thermostaat, die gaat pas open bij een bepaalde temperatuur

van het weekend wordt het mooi weer dus dan kun je mooi testen

of koop gewoon een nieuwe radiator (the same as the old one) the same price as the reconditioned one at the spitfire parts supliers

good luck


Geplaatst : 09-04-2013 8:54 pm
Henk Meijerink

Good evening Devin,

Jou can try to clean the radiator with a mix off hot water and two spoons of soda (selzer) witin.

Remove the radiator and flusch it first with hot water from the underside up to the top.

Then close the underside of the radiator with a plug und put the hot mix in and let it stand for 24 hours.

After 24 hours drain the mix and flusch the radiator a long time with hot water.

Then put the radiator back in the car and fill it with the normal cooling water.

Normaly this is a good remedy for cleaning the dirty radiator.

Good luck,

Henk Meijerink,Spokesman Technical Advice Commission.

Geplaatst : 09-04-2013 9:52 pm